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Development and Maintenance ClearQuest schemas

Наши решения и услугиCM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational toolsOur consulting services

The main idea of the project is to identify and mostly remote cover the market needs in the area of software development Крем Kids Череда - при опрелостях в Москве using IBM Rational tools. The list of services provided by CM-Consult Ltd out-of-office in frames of the Rational-Tools.com project is very immense and impressive:

  1. Development and Maintenance ClearQuest schemas of any complexity
    1. Primary development-lead for new ClearQuest schema
    2. Adding features and capabilities as requested by client management and user group
    3. Maintain and perform regular upgrades on a ClearQuest implementation that includes all change request types (defect, task…)
    4. Management under ClearQuest/ClearCase and another systems integration and Unified Change Management
    5. Improvement of the ClearQuest Performance
  2. Manage Perl and Basic Scripts
    1. Enhance ClearQuest schema (using original ClearQuest solutions)
    2. Optimize scripts for the extended performance
  3. Administrative functions
    1. Transition of user databases
    2. Manage ClearQuest Multisite
    3. Importing and exporting data
    4. Creating public queries, charts, and reports
    5. Setting security controls
    6. Create and Manage email  rules and integrate with MS Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes
    7. Migrate ClearQuest Schema and User Database on most RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL)
    8. User data exchange between databases
    9. ClearQuest Integration with HP Servise Desk, ERP and more
    10. Migration from competitive systems (PVCS tracker, Jira, and more) to IBM Rational ClearQuest
  4. Assistance with the project reporting
    1. Design and develop reports using Crystal Reports
    2. Design and develop reports using Excel
    3. Design and develop reports using Project Console
    4. Design and develop reports using SoDA
    5. Design and develop reports using custom scripts (htm, csv)
    6. Development of a process for producing scheduled reports using MS Excel, SharePoint or Crystal Reports, assist in reporting project metrics to the management
  5. Prepare technical and project documentation
    1. Prepare and maintain user guides and manuals
    2. Prepare release notes related to any schema upgrades
    3. Prepare and support process overview in Rational Method Composer
    4. Develop process documentation (CM Plan)


Company qualifications, expertise and certification:

  • We had more 14 years software development expertise
  • We had more 8 years expertise and qualifications in Configuration Management and IBM Rational tools
  • We had experience with more than 25 successful projects with implementing IBM Rational and Microsoft and over 600 specialists.
  • We had strong knowledge of Software Development Lifecycle


  • Configuration Management Concepts
  • Rational Unified Process, CMMI, IEEE 828 and ITIL Knowledge
  • Excellent customer communications skills

Core skills:

  • Expert knowledge of ClearQuest schema design and maintenance
  • Strong Crystal Report development skills Significant experience with ClearQuest customization using VB Scripting and PERL
  • Experience administering ClearQuest under Rational UCM (Unified Change Management)
  • Strong knowledge of API and Architecture Microsoft tools (Office, MS Project, Project server)
  • Development experience using Perl ClearQuest and other Rational tools.
  • Strong knowledge API and Architecture IBM Rational tools, Microsoft tools


  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational ClearCase Windows v2003 (more 4 specialists)
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational ClearQuest v2003 (more 4 specialists)
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational UCM Fundamentals v2003 (more 5 specialists)
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer - IBM Rational Unified Process V7.0 (one specialist)
  • IBM Certified Specialist -- Rational Requirements Management w/Use Cases v2003 (one specialist)
  • Rational Change & Release Management Technical Sales Professional (v1)
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research:"Quality Assurance"
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research: "Introduction to CMMI  (Staged and Continuous)"
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research: "Project Estimation"
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