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ClearQuest mail reader

Наши решения и услугиCM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational tools

It allows to monitor mail server and to form CQ request basing on new mail received. This mail reader supports multiple message templates and even special ones which allow editing the existing record instead of adding the new one. It is also multilingual, can read attachments and create separate log.
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IBM Rational ClearQuest mail reader



The module allows to form new request ClearQuest or to edit existing on the basis of post messages. The module carries out connection to an e-mail box and processes all messages being it on the basis of the configured patterns. The module can carry out a filtration of messages, for example, to ignore messages on the sender or a theme of the letter. On process of work the log of processing of messages if there were mistakes at processing messages is conducted, the module can automatically notify on necessary post addresses.  




  • IBM Rational ClearQuest 2003.06.00 and above
  • .NET Framework 2.0



  • Allow not only to bring new inquiries ClearQuest, but also to edit existing;
  • Supports unlimited quantity of patterns of messages;
  • Supports attachments;
  • Supports a filtration of entering messages;
  • It is notify at occurrence of mistakes of processing of incoming mail.

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