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ClearQuest change request's state chart visualization module

Наши решения и услугиCM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational toolsPlug-ins and packages for ClearQuest

Solution type: ClearQuest add-on
Doesn't work via WEB and Eclipse
Distributed as: ClearQuest Package
Compatible with any ClearQuest version (including ClearQuest 7.1). Supports any schema. Support ClearQuest Lite.
Multilanguage support: Yes
License type:
Per computer or per company
For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com


This solution (cmc_Visual) allows to visualize a change request's state chart. The module is distributed as a package, and can be built into any user database. With this module, it's easier to interpret the life cycle of a change request - it is outputted in a simple graphic manner, and the current state of the request is highlighted. 

The diagram's appearance and sorting algorithm can be toggled. 


  • Visualize state-chart in real-time mode
  • Highlighting of the main and alternative path
  • Highlighting of a current state
  • Compatible to any version ClearQuest

YouTube video-demonstration

Demonstration scenario:

  1. Easy install package in system
  2. Running ClearQuest Designer (select our pacage from package list).
    • Select package "cmc_Visualiser".
    • Assign pakage to schema UCM.
    • Assign pakage to change request "BaseCMActivity"
    • Demonstrate change request record form in ClearQuest Designer
    • Apply new schema version to user database
  3. Running ClearQuest for Windows Client
    • Demonstrate work with "cmc_Visualiser" and "BaseCMActivity"
    • Select Query in different states
    • See UML chart





Visualizing the "Task" request. The current state is "Opened". 

For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com 



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