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ClearQuest change request hierarchy visualization module

Наши решения и услугиCM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational toolsPlug-ins and packages for ClearQuest

Solution type: ClearQuest add-on
Limitations: Doesn't work through the WEB. Requires slight modifications of ClearQuest's schema.
Distributed as: ClearQuest package
Compatibility: Compatible with any ClearQuest version (including ClearQuest 7.1). Supports any schema.
For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com


The module enables graphic representation of tasks' hierarchy. ClearQuest allows to create parent-child associations, but doesn't let you see it graphically as a tree. This module will give project leaders and managers the opportunity to visually analyze change requests' dependencies without clicking on each request separately, which can greatly reduce the time it takes to find and analyze information. 

The module doesn't show just the hierarchy of change requests, it also displays some of the requests' attributes in the tree. You can add essential attributes to the tree just as easy as you would create queries to the database.


  • Works recursively
  • It is easily adjusted




Displaying tasks' hierarchy with additional properties 


The Configuration window. Different entities can be configured differently.
Note the primary and secondary fields for outputting attributes to the tree.

For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com



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