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Plug-ins and packages for ClearQuest

Наши решения и услугиCM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational toolsPlug-ins and packages for ClearQuest

    15.03.2008 05:19:48
    ClearQuest change request's state chart visualization module
    This add-on can be embedded to any CQ scheme to allow in real time mode for every type of requests (change request, bug report, task or enhancement request) receiving an UML diagram which describes the request. In such diagram it is specially highlighted current state of request and its transition mainstream.
    For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

    15.03.2008 05:16:37
    ClearQuest change request hierarchy visualization module

    This add-on can help to visualize either a hierarchy inside of one type requests (for instance task and subtask) or between requests of different types (BaseCMActivity, bug report, task and subtask). The description structure of the hierarchical tree can be easily adjusted. It is also supported a recursive address (all dependent requests are automatically scanned through the Reference Lists).
    For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

    15.03.2008 05:14:10
    Role-based change request access rights regulation module

    This add-on is a realization of the role approach to the change requests processing. It can work with any CQ scheme and allows to define resource roles for every project and to allocate rights more agile especially in case of leading several projects within one user database of ClearQuest.
    Visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

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