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CM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational tools

Наши решения и услугиCM-Consult solutions for IBM Rational tools

10.01.2009 11:39:04
News & press-releases CM-Consult & Rational-Tools.com projects

  • New screenshots for Project Tracker solution
  • New YoutubeVideo: Project Tracker. Part 1
  • The new era of inernational tools development
  • New service:Development and Maintenance ClearQuest
  • New section on our site: media and presentation


07.10.2008 22:23:00
UML2ClearQuest module. Transfer UML diagrams to ClearQuest Designer's states.

The purpose of this application is to ease the process of programming ClearQuest Designer's state transitions matrix for change requests. UML2ClearQuest can export UML state charts to ClearQuest Designer, which makes for a simple visual design process. UML Export is supported from StarUML, IBM Rational Software Architect or MS Visio. The demo version can export diagrams to IBM Rational ClearQuest with no more than 3 states. See success story. Compatibility: Compatible with any ClearQuest version (including ClearQuest 7.1). For download and buy visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

07.10.2008 15:04:17
ClearQuest Lite. A safe client for ClearQuest.

Safe client for ClearQuest. This tool provides the owner of the project to grant the limited access to project data in CQ base for the external teams involved in project. It also allows to export bug-reports in XML to distribute it to external teams which can edit it in MS Excel and send it back for automatic synchronization with CQ base. Using this tool provides assurance in confidentiality of the project data which keeps authorized access only.
Visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

15.03.2008 03:00:11
A PDA testing component for IBM Rational Robot and RFT to automate Pocket PC applications functional testing

The component for IBM Rational Robot and RFT to automate Pocket PC applications functional testing. It makes possible to playback tests on the PDA directly in real time mode. Testing can be run on several PDAs simultaneously via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.
Visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

15.03.2008 02:57:00
ClearQuest ProjectTracker - MS Project and ClearQuest integration module
That very useful tool was claimed by a big number of our existing customers who created their project plans in MS Project or Project Server but intended to use all functionality provided of IBM Rational ClearQuest. We gave them such possibility and for now a lot of Russian banks, gas and oil companies, software developers and system integrators are very thankful for it.
For more details visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

17.12.2007 22:31:00
ClearQuest mail reader
It allows to monitor mail server and to form CQ request basing on new mail received. This mail reader supports multiple message templates and even special ones which allow editing the existing record instead of adding the new one. It is also multilingual, can read attachments and create separate log.
Visit our English Site www.rational-tools.com

10.10.2006 13:38:00
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