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About CM-Consult Ltd

CM-Consult was founded in 2004. It's primary business activities have been project management consulting, supporting and implementing IBM Rational methodology and supporting IBM Rational and Microsoft software. Its employees have had experience with more than 25 successful projects with implementing IBM Rational and Microsoft and over 600 specialists have been trained in Russia and the ex-USSR.

CM-Consult is an Advanced IBM Partner and has the Value Advantage Plus (VAP) status. The company’s core employees are all certified professionals and experts, with a vast experience and knowledge. During the real projects it was accumulated a lot of needs in adjustments of IBM Rational tools to make them more effective and useful. Most of these needs were implemented in form of the unique tools, modules, packages and solutions which are now combined into the worldwide project Rational-Tools.com.

The consumers of the tools and solutions of Rational-Tools.com project are famous Russian companies such as: Trust Bank, Russian Standard Bank, Tatneft, VneshTorgBank, Russian Aluminum and many others.

  • Adapting Rational Unified Process methodologies for russian national and corporate standarts
    • Adapting the RUP methodology to meet the customer's needs;
    • Developing corporate standards based on Rational Unified Process, Agile, XP
  • Promoting the IBM Rational brand on Russia's market
  • We offer training services based on the leading educational methodologies
    • IBM Rational products and solutions training
    • RUP, Agile development, XP training
  • IBM Rational certification training
    • IBM Certified Administrator for Rational ClearCase Windows
    • IBM Certified Administrator for Rational ClearQuest
    • IBM Certified Administrator for Rational UCM Fundamentals
    • IBM Certified Administrator for Rational ClearCase UNIX
  • Estimating the cost and duration of IT projects
  • Preparation of organizations for conformity certification according to requirements of CMMI
  • Level three techincal support for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest
  • Developing custom solutions that complement IBM Rational tools



Partner Type for IBM:

  • Consultant or Systems Integrator
  • Education Provider
  • Reseller
Relationship & Products:
Reseller Software - Tier 2:

  • Software: Rational Analysis, Design & Construction (N3)
  • Software: Rational Software Configuration Mgmt (N6)
  • Software: Rational Process & Portfolio Management (N7)
  • Software: Rational Suites/Bundles (N8)
  • Software: Rational Services / Training (SJ)

  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational ClearCase Windows v2003
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational ClearQuest v2003
  • IBM Certified Administrator -- Rational UCM Fundamentals v2003
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer - IBM Rational Unified Process V7.0
  • IBM Certified Specialist -- Rational Requirements Management w/Use Cases v2003
  • Rational Change & Release Management Technical Sales Professional (v1)
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research:"Quality Assurance"
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research: "Introduction to CMMI  (Staged and Continuous)"
  • Carnegie Mellon, Institute of Software Research: "Project Estimation"
Our Solutions based on IBM Rational tools:  
  • UML2ClearQuest module. Transfer UML diagrams to ClearQuest Designer's states.
  • ClearQuest Lite. A safe client for ClearQuest.
  • A PDA testing component for IBM Rational Robot and RFT to automate Pocket PC applications functional testing 
  • ClearQuest ProjectTracker - MS Project and ClearQuest integration module 
  • ClearQuest mail reader 


Our Packages & plugins for IBM Rational ClearQuest:
  • ClearQuest change request's state chart visualization module
  • ClearQuest change request hierarchy visualization module
  • Role-based change request access rights regulation module
Solutions & Services:
  • Development and Maintenance ClearQuest schemas
  • Packages Development for IBM Rational ClearQuest
  • Solutions and Applications Development for IBM Rational







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